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Slaughter House
Jimmy Trolinger owned the slaughter house in Bemis, TN. The building was burned along with the entire block whenever a local lumber yard caught on fire. The Pabst Blue Ribbon sign hanging at the current store was from the bar accross the street from the old slaughter house, Sheree's Lounge, which did survive the fire.

George Trolinger began to barbecue at the old Fairgrounds in Jackson, TN.
Jimmy "James" Monroe Trolinger, son of George, opened several stores.
Jerry Monroe Trolinger, son of James, brought Trolinger's to Paris, TN.
Michael "Mike" James Trolinger, son of Jerry, still continues the family business.
Michael James Trolinger Jr., grandson of Jerry, plans to franchise the business.


Four Generation Photo: James, Jerry, Mike, and Michael Trolinger

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